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Unlock the power of lifestyle.

Personal Health 

We all have different priorities for our health and our journeys are unique.

You decide how you define health, and you decide how you want to achieve it. Vicara is here to help you navigate along the easiest path through daily life to your health goals. We help you achieve the biggest outcomes with the least amount of effort so you can spend most of your time and energy enjoying your life.

Vicara Health AI

Automation. Surveillance. Navigation. Intervention. Prevention.

Vicara AI platform uncovers your comprehensive health and lifestyle signals from sensors and devices that have already been widely adopted by consumers like smartphones, wearables, fitness trackers and other connected devices. Vicara synthesizes each user's unique data into a deeply actionable predictive model that illuminates the path to sustained and amplified personal health. 

Happy Selfie
"I was skeptical at first, but this AI really knows me and is giving me guidance I can really trust. 6 out of 5 stars!"

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