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Help patients care for themselves.

We all know that the only person who can drive lifestyle change is the patient themselves. This is why Vicara is designed as a tool for patients to use themselves for themselves throughout daily life to reinforce and amplify healthcare provider recommendations. Vicara is a (digital) therapeutic, so like a medication, it does not require provider involvement beyond making the recommendation to patients.

Lifestyle in a single view.

How do you reliably, accurately, comprehensively and efficiently understand patient lifestyle outside of visits? Vicara Health. All facets of lifestyle (physical activity, sleep, stress, nutrition, glucose, cardiovascular health, weight, and more) are automatically and comprehensively captured in the background without the need for user data input. No specialized hardware is needed beyond a fitness tracker and a smartphone. As a provider, you can understand it with a single glance on Vicara's provider reporting feature. 

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Infinite data. Limited time.

Every new device, gadget, app and gizmo is dumping more and more health data onto healthcare providers. Vicara AI takes in all these data, processes, filters, interprets, synthesizes and ultimately distills the data into meaningful health signals for providers to easily and quickly interpret for treatment planning. There is more than enough data available. Vicara makes it usable.

Right to the core of what works.

Healthcare providers need to focus their precious time with patients and treatment, counseling and care...not data analysis. Vicara AI computes through each person's lifestyle and health data to create a menu of lifestyle changes stratified by their effectiveness. Evidence-based treatment options based on each patient's own data. 

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