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Empowering Users

You are in control or your health and lifestyle. Vicara is here to make sure there is no wasted effort by highlighting things that are working well and alerting you to things that don't. It's not just about getting to your's also about enjoying the journey to get there.

The easiest path to your personal health destination.

What are your health priorities? Less stress? Better sleep? Stronger fitness? Lower blood glucose? Less medication? All of the above? Some of the above? Just like you do with GPS navigation, simply set your destination in Vicara's lifestyle navigator and have it guide you along the easiest path available. It's not just about reaching your health's also about enjoying life to the fullest while you do it.

Friends Having Fun

You are your own primary care provider.

Our doctors and providers can only give us guidance and direction, but we are ultimately in the driver's seat when it comes to lifestyle. So the power should be in your hands. Vicara is a lifestyle navigation technology designed for you to use for yourself, not your healthcare provider to use on you. 

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Put your data to work for your own health.

The privacy and security of your data will not be compromised. Vicara puts your data to work just for you and never sells or shares your data. It uses your data to create an evolving, precise and personalized model to find you the easiest path to your health goals.  

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